Debby, Mary, Linda, Selah, Katy, Gabby

Thank yo for allowing us to stay in your cozy cottage for our “Girls Weekend”. My sister-in-law, best friend, niece, and two great-nieces, and I really enjoyed out stay here. It is definitely our home away from home. We have stayed here several times over the years and each time has been great.

Kimberly, Katrina, Denise & Charity

Had a wonderful, relaxing time. We enjoyed having all the comforts of home and the warmness of the small town country area. There was definitely a lot of corn…everywhere. We do suggest to future renters, if you are staying throughout the weekend save Roscoe Village for Sunday as it is the only thing open!

Blinda, Teresa & Edwina

We had a wonderful time here. So peaceful. Very clean. LOVE the red kitchen. Did lots of antiquing and enjoyed Roscoe Village. Thanks

Annette, DeAnna, Ashley, Levi & Luke

The weather was cold and wet but the house was warm and inviting! Thank you for the Fall decorations – it added that special touch. A lovely place to come “home” to.


You have a charming cottage. Your decorations are lovely. We enjoyed the clean, relaxing feel of your cottage. Thank you for allowing us to spend time here. May the Lord bless you and all who lodge here and keep you and make His face to shine upon you.

The family of the late Pacer Smith

Thanks so much for providing us the comfort of your cottage during such a hard time. The warmth of home was all right here through all your personal touches.

Shanna Slimak

We loved the cottage! The minute my husband and I walked in, we fell in love with it. It smelled amazing and everything was beautiful! We spent our days exploring and really love the area here. We had a relaxing weekend and our two teenage daughters love it. We will definitely come back!!! Thank you!